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Health and Safety:

The health and safety of the babies and parents/carers in our classes is of paramount importance.

Full public liability insurance is provided by Simply Business and can be viewed at any time during the class.

Please note that it is your responsibility to inform your class leader if you or your child suffers from a medical condition which they should be aware of. This information may be recorded however will be kept confidential unless in the event of a medical emergency, where it would be shared with health care professionals. Examples include epilepsy (as sensory equipment with flashing lights is used), any allergies etc.

Every effort will be made by Mini Magoos Sensory Play to provide a safe and hazard-free zone, however, parents are always responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their child. Please ask your class leader if you have any concerns about any activities. Safety information will be given during some activities. All activities are safe provided this information is followed.

All activities are optional and if at any time you don’t want your child to take part in a particular activity or element of the class this is absolutely fine. Please make your class leader aware in this situation.

Mini Magoos Sensory Play activities are to be undertaken under constant adult supervision at all times. In the unfortunate event of an accident please report this to your class leader as soon as possible who will, where relevant contact the emergency services and work with them where possible. Please report even apparently minor accidents to your class leader so they can assist you in filling out the necessary paper work.

All equipment is carefully checked before and after each use. Should you find anything unsatisfactory please make your class leader aware of this immediately.

All our venues have specific nappy changing facilities. In the interest of hygiene, we would ask that you change your baby in the proper nappy changing area and not within the activity area. If you are unsure where this is located please do ask your class leader.

Mini Magoos Sensory Play cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions.


Parents are requested not to attend a class if they or their baby has a serious infection and to inform the class leader as to the nature of the infection so that other parents can be alerted.

Please keep your baby at home if she/he has;

  • A fever or has had one in the previous 48 hours.
  • Had an upset stomach or diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours.
  • Sticky or discharging eyes.
  • A heavy runny nose.

Or has symptoms of a possible contagious disease for example;

  • Chicken pox
  • Norovirus
  • Whooping cough
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • German measles
  • Scarlett fever
  • Impetigo
  • Hand, foot and mouth disease

Please wait until your doctor has given the all clear before returning to classes.

Refunds/Cancellations of classes:

Mini Magoos Sensory Play is committed to running classes in all but exceptional circumstances. However Mini Magoos Sensory Play has the right to cancel classes without refund in exceptional circumstances beyond our control (for example; fire, flood, vehicle breakdown, serious illness, treacherous weather etc). We will in these circumstances, wherever possible, run a catch-up class, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Where the class is held in a different location Mini Magoos Sensory Play is not responsible for any travel expenses occurred. We regret that (except in exceptional circumstances, which Mini Magoos Sensory Play will determine at its sole discretion) once the fee has been paid to secure your place, we cannot issue any refunds or credits.


Please note that once you have booked your place and paid the fee indicated to secure the booking, fees are non-returnable and non-transferable. You will receive an email confirmation once your baby’s booking has been confirmed. During the booking process, you will be required to read and agree to Mini Magoos Sensory Play Terms and Conditions. No place is fully guaranteed unless full payment of the term fees is made.


Mini Magoos Sensory Play allows parents to photograph their own baby/babies during our classes. Whilst we would ask parents to ensure they only photograph their own baby/babies, occasionally your child may be photographed in the background. Mini Magoos Sensory Play does also occasionally photograph/video for promotional purposes i.e. for use on Mini Magoos Sensory Play website / Facebook page / promotional material etc. Whenever we are photographing/videoing for this purpose we would make parents aware and ask for their approval. If you would not like your child to be photographed in either or both of the above scenarios please make your class leader aware.


Yours and your baby’s enjoyment is of upmost importance to us and we really hope you love our classes. In the event that you are unhappy with any aspect of Mini Magoos Sensory Play please do let us know by emailing us at and we will do our best to resolve any issues.

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