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7 Things You MUST Do On Maternity Leave!

7 things you MUST do on maternity leave!

Your bundle of joy has finally arrived, but what next…? Take a look at the Mini Magoos Sensory Play recommended things to do, to get you started on making the most of that maternity leave!

  1. Swimming with Baby!

Swimming is such a natural thing for you to do with baby, especially since they have spent the last 9 months in fluid! But, also one of the scariest things you can do as a parent for the first time. And, if you are anything like me; a bit of a wimp when it comes to swimming you might want to seek some professional guidance.

There are a few excellent swimming schools for babies here on the Wirral, Puddle Ducks and Water Babies to name but a few. It will give you confidence taking baby in the water for the first time, while learning a few nice songs to help baby relax too!

  1. Go on a Trip!

What better way to use some of that extended leave than taking some time out, wherever that may be. It also shows you, that you will survive if you head out of your comfort zone. You will forget something, and that’s ok! Its amazing how resourceful you can be when you put your mind to it!

Plus, if you are a teacher, take full advantage of those term time holiday prices!

  1. Investigate Baby Wearing

This is something that requires a bit of trial and error and is always definitely worth speaking to someone with a bit of knowledge about the subject. It’s a really personal experience for you and baby, something that can make life super easy and help you ditch the wheels. Don’t forget about all those extra calories you burn carrying the extra weight!

The Wirral Sling Library is a fantastic free service that runs a regular coffee morning and Ruth from Carrying Connects is an excellent baby wearing consultant right here on our doorstep.

  1. Get Some Solid Car Seat Advice

A total minefield, with lots of conflicting advice about Do’s and Don’ts. Something that is so important and could potentially save a life in the case of an accident. Do your research and make sure that research is from a very reputable source.

Check out “India Reynolds – oils, nappies, car seats and beyond” on Facebook.

  1. Signing with Baby

As most of you already know, I’m a big advocate of signing with baby. When you know the science behind why it’s such a good thing to do, it will leave you wondering why you ever thought anything else. To be able to communicate with your baby at such a young age is a rare gift and a journey you will never forget which will create a bond to last a lifetime.

Pick up a few basic signs and go! There is no specific way to do it, just make it fun for your little one!

  1. Get Messy!

Weaning is a big stage of your baby’s development and mess is part of this process! Exploring and creating are all firing the cognitive development inside baby’s mind. But if the thought of doing this in your own house makes you die inside, check out Splat Messy Play running classes across Wirral and mess up somewhere else! How convenient!

  1. Come to Mini Magoos!

Last but by no means least, your maternity leave wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Magoos! Making friends and having fun is at the top of the agenda, while we work those physical, cognitive and social skills for babies too! Each week is different from cooking in the kitchen, exploring under the sea or even becoming a superhero for the day. There’s never a dull moment and we’re guaranteed to give you a smile. And also, a brew and a biscuit!

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