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A Brand New Term With A Brand New Mission!

A Brand New Term with a Brand New Mission!

This term is the start of an exciting journey as I begin my first steps in the expansion plans for Mini Magoos Sensory Play! My mission is now to bring Mini Magoos to a wider audience with our franchise offer, opening branches across the UK and bringing the fun and laughter to so many more parents and babies.

That sense of community that I brought to my classes is now going viral – and I’m so excited!

But I also get to do something even more exciting which is empowering women to have a career that they never thought possible. I have utterly LOVED my job over the past seven years and its worked brilliantly with my family.

Now I get to give that opportunity to more people, helping them to build successful businesses with the help and support that I so desperately needed in those early years of self-employment.


What a start to a brand-new term – I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks bring!

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