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Choosing Childcare

Choosing Childcare

So, this is something that is on the lips of every parent throughout maternity leave and beyond. And why shouldn’t it be? Its one of the most important decisions you will make!

If you have spoken in person to me over the past few months, I’ve had a huge shift in my childcare situation, so this is one of the reasons why I wanted to get a few thoughts down to pass on to other mum’s in the face of returning to work. Hindsight, as they say is such a wonderful thing!

This isn’t a blog to discourage anyone from their childcare choices but more to encourage a new parent into making confident decisions about what happens next.

Research your options!

My advice would be to explore lots of different options, even ones you think would never be an option for your family.

My little girl originally started off going to a large nursery, initially we were happy with our choice and so was she. As she progressed through the rooms, it became obvious quickly that this was no longer working for her or us. We then wondered what to do next?

Upon, looking for childcare for my return to work, I only looked at the nurseries that were local to us. I didn’t look at any childminder options and didn’t consider the size of the nurseries and if this reflected and suited my little girls’ personality. Naively, enough I thought they would all be extremely similar.

She now attends a childminder who she simply adores and has become so integral to how our family operates. It was the best change we could have possibly made. But this was something me and my husband just didn’t research enough at the start.

So, if you are dead set on sending your little one to a particular setting, don’t rule out other options before you have explored lots of different options that could be a possibility to your family.


Trust your instinct!

You are the best judge about what is right for your child. Don’t let anyone else sway you!

I can’t stress enough that you will be labelled as over-reacting, a pushy mum or even just dealing with the transition of separation anxiety! So, What?? Your little one deserves to be in a place they are happy, settled and confident. If this isn’t happening, trust your instinct and act accordingly. You, above anyone, know your child the best!


Ask for opinions!

Where do others recommend?

Word of mouth recommendations are always so vital. They are real life experiences of people who have already used a service! Ask your friends, our customers can also use our Mini Magoos Neighbourhood to chat and ask questions and there are tons of amazing forums and reviews online where you can speak with other mum’s about their childcare arrangements to help you make a choice!


As always, I’m always so interested in hearing your views around childcare options, so if you can add anymore hints and tips please leave a comment for more of our mum’s to gain some valuable insight into making that really scary step!

Jen xx

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