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Right now we are seeing a huge demand for exciting and engaging baby classes that appeal not just to babies but to parents too!

Gone are the days of singing nursery rhymes in a circle!

Bring a Mini Magoos Sensory Play class to your area and find out how you can be the highlight of those early years for parents!

Find out what it's like in one of our classes!

If you have never been to a Mini Magoos session before, you don’t know what you are missing! But until you have the pleasure of experiencing in person, take at look at what we do here!

Make Working, Work For You!

Be your own boss! No more juggling school runs and inset days. No more compromises about when to work. Mini Magoos is the perfect answer for a creative role, using skills to encourage, teach and excite parents within baby development.

Can you have TONS of fun with music and singing – no need for a professional singing voice!

Do you love the idea of being a part of a special journey between a mummy and baby.

Would you want to build a sense of community with your sessions.

Are you are self-motivated and driven

Do you think you have a big enough heart to encourage tiny minds.

If these are all YES fill out your details for your FREE info pack!

Why invest in a Mini Magoos Sensory Play Ltd franchise?

  • You will be stepping into a brand-new business to call your own but with the security of a tried and tested business model plus the valuable support of a HQ team!
  • The hard work has been done for you – from lesson plans, booking systems, marketing and equipment. You can use your time to ensure your classes are the BEST!
  • You will receive a full training package to give you the confidence to offer a spectacular range of baby classes in your area.
  • With over 80% of new franchises becoming a successful business in their first five years, it ensures a safer way of taking those first steps into business ownership

An Exclusive and Competitive Package

A package that will excite and inspire you to get your classes up and running and sharing the magic with your community. You will also have support that will have a family feel to ensure you aren’t alone in your first steps as a business owner.

Take a look at what's happening at Mini Magoos!

Beyond the Glow: A Parent’s Guide to Enriching Baby Classes with Multi-Sensory Play

As parents, we often associate sensory baby classes with the enchanting glow of colorful lights, captivating our little ones with visual stimulation. However, there’s a world of sensory exploration beyond the shimmer, and understanding the diverse nature of sensory play…

Tiny Hearts, Big Love: Baby’s First Valentine’s Adventure

As Valentine’s Day approaches, hearts around the world beat with love and warmth. For new parents, celebrating their baby’s first Valentine’s Day is extra special. It’s a time to cherish the love that has blossomed since their little one arrived,…

Baby Class Benefits with Mini Magoos!

Mini Magoo’s baby classes, like many early childhood programs, can offer a range of benefits for your baby’s development. Here are some potential advantages: Socialization: Baby classes provide a structured environment where infants can interact with other babies. This early…

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