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Franchisee Spotlight – Alice In Chester

Franchisee Spotlight – Alice in Chester

I’m Alice and I am the owner of Mini Magoos Chester!

I live in Ellesmere Port with my husband Marc, 2 boys Albie and Otis and our chihuahua Chunk.

All of my life I have performed in dance and drama shows and knew that performing was something I wanted to pursue as a career, but life got in the way and I fell into Retail and Admin. Six years ago after having my eldest son I stumbled across Mini Magoos in the minefield that is baby classes! I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for but knew I needed to find something that not also worked for my baby but also for me as a first time Mum.

In the run up to my first session I was SO nervous, what if Albie cried the whole way through? What if nobody speaks to me? What if he needs a bottle or a nappy change right in the middle? As soon as I walked into that first session all my worries melted away and I instantly felt at ease. I absolutely loved every little bit of Mini Magoos!

Each week was a different theme, different equipment to explore and Albie came on leaps and bounds! When I had Otis I knew I HAD to go back and a few weeks in I thought “this is a dream job and I think I will be good at it”.

Fast forward a year and here I am, running my very own classes for the parents and babies of Chester! I love that I can fit it around my everyday life; school drop offs and pickups I’m there, school holidays I’m off and can spend real quality time with the family without panicking about childcare or work! It really is my dream job, and I am loving every second of it!

My hope is that every Mum, Dad, and wider family member that comes to my sessions have that very feeling I did all those years ago. Happiness and excitement for what is to come over the next 45 minutes but most importantly welcomed! I am proud of the community I have created at Mini Magoos Chester; seeing your little ones grow physically and emotionally each week, the confidence as they start to crawl into our themed setup, the smiles as the bubbles wash down on them. It truly is a magical experience not just for the babies but for me and you as well! There have been some lovely friendships created between our Parents and that makes me feel proud and truly complete!


Your favourite song?

Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi always gets me up on that dance floor!


What do you do in your spare time?

Spend time with the family and I still dance as well!


Your spirit animal?

A wolf because I am protective and loyal but also very compassionate and loving.


What have you learned since joining Magoos?

That I should have more faith in myself. I have a lovely, growing community and I am a successful Business owner!


Any hidden talents?

I actually don’t think I do, unless singing in the car and sounding just as good as Beyonce counts?!


The biggest challenge you have ever faced:

I completed Tough Mudder in September 2023

15k and 30+ obstacles! One of the hardest things I have done both physically and mentally but so rewarding!


What do you enjoy most about running your classes?

Seeing the joy and excitement in our families’ eyes as they explore a new week at Mini Magoos!


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