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I’ll Tell You A Secret – You Don’t Need Any Certification To Franchise A Business!

I’ll Tell You A Secret – You Don’t Need Any Certification to Franchise a Business!

I’ll tell you a secret…

You don’t need any qualifications to franchise your business!

This information to me is totally mind-blowing! Especially, when you are offering life-changing decisions for people. Winging it just isn’t going to cut it!

This is why I have decided to start my next journey to become a CPD Certified Business Analyst.

A course that will give me the tools to use and implement strategies within any business and help them to grow and scale with their owners. This won’t be a case of simply winging it! This is knowledge that huge corporations implement to make them successful.

And with this knowledge and training, I’m hoping to pass that onto my franchisees to ensure they have the support, knowledge, and success that they deserve!

This franchising journey for me began back in 2020 as I sought out the knowledge of building my franchise package from a consultant and very well-known franchisor. Ensuring legals and systems were in place to support our team from the get-go. It meant really looking into my own processes and understanding the world of franchising and the responsibility you have as a franchisor. It isn’t about making an easy bit of extra cash, while you sit back.

The responsibility of an ethical franchisor will be to support, train and guide those to be the best business owners possible. And I’m glad I’ve taken the time to figure out what the values for my business will look like. Like I said, winging it just isn’t going to cut it!

Make sure you research the brand and franchisor – don’t just look at the cheapest franchise fee!




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