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Mini Magoos Sensory Play: Seven Years Of Rollercoaster Fun!

Mini Magoos Sensory Play: Seven Years of Rollercoaster Fun!

I get asked a lot about how Mini Magoos Sensory Play came to be. Flashback to 2017 when we hit our first anniversary—that was a big deal for a startup like ours. Now, we’re cruising toward the seven-year mark, and suddenly, my little brainchild is being called a fully established small business. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Juggling All the Hats: Back in 2017, I had no clue I’d have to wear so many hats as a small business owner. I’m talking creator, accountant, cleaner, social media manager, administrator—you name it! There were moments when I thought I was in over my head, I survived and thrived. Turns out, those challenges were just what I needed to grow, both in my job and as a person.

Riding the Self-Employment Wave: Self-employment was a wild ride at first, but now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s like this strange, wonderful feeling that keeps me on my toes. Sure, it’s been a game-changer for my family life—I can handle school drop-offs and holidays without losing my mind. Plus, I get to spend more quality time with my little one at home. Win-win!

The Best Decision Ever: For all you mums and dads thinking about taking the leap, let me tell you, it’s been the best decision I ever made. I ditched the so-called “gainful employment” to work for the only team that truly matters—my family. It’s been a journey filled with ups and downs, but the ups? Totally worth it.

Franchise Adventures: As Mini Magoos Sensory Play gears up for its seventh year, come join the fun! If you’re curious about what our franchise package has to offer, check out the franchise tab. The ride from clueless to a well-established small business has been a blast, and who knows what adventures the future holds? If you’re thinking about diving into the entrepreneurship pool, just know that challenges come with the territory, but the rewards? They’re pretty darn awesome. Explore the possibilities with Mini Magoos Sensory Play—see you there!

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