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Planning For The New Year!

Planning for the New Year!

The new year can be a really challenging time – from seeing all the ‘new year, new me’ promises on social media to people asking what your new resolutions are can leave you feeling, if you are like me, a little overwhelmed with where to start!

Sometimes you need to take a step back and a big deep breath to help you stay calm!

So instead of resolutions here are some top tips to help you start your new year in the right way without feeling the need to start a new diet and exercise regime!

  1. Get Outside!

Nature can be one of the biggest tools to helping beat back the January blues. Once the festivities are over – getting outside as much as you can for a short walk can clear away the cobwebs. Head to your local park, search out some pram friendly routes or pop on the sling if you are feeling more adventurous!

  1. Make Connections!

At Mini Magoos our most important core value is community! Allowing our parents to make those all-important connections is vital and we allow some space to do this within all our sessions. Our class leaders are also selected because they can usually chat until the cows come home! If you are feeling a little lonely this January – take the time to have a brew after class and speak to those fellow mums. Chances are they are feeling the same!

  1. Be Real!

Don’t get swept up by that social media feed! It isn’t real!

That picture perfect house, holiday, car, or family doesn’t exist. They all have baby sick on them somewhere!

  1. Practice Kindness (To Yourself!)

This is the hardest one to master. That internal monologue that tends to be overly critical! Change your mindset by teaching yourself to be kinder! Say a kindness mantra to yourself everyday and slowly but surely that mindset will begin to change.


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