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Getting To Know Jenny, The Creative Force Behind Mini Magoos Sensory Play

Getting to Know Jenny, the Creative Force Behind Mini Magoos Sensory Play

Getting to Know Jenny, the Creative Force Behind Mini Magoos Sensory Play

Hey there, Mini Magoos community! With a new term just around the corner, it’s high time I properly introduced myself. I’m Jenny, the Class Leader and proud Owner (and also the cleaner, creator, maker, you name it!) of Mini Magoos Sensory Play. It’s not every day I take a step back and share a bit about myself, so let’s dive into the world behind the scenes.

The Beginning of Mini Magoos: Mini Magoos Sensory Play came to life in 2017 when my maternity leave with my daughter, Elsie, concluded. It marked my return to the working world, and little did I know that this venture would become such a significant part of my life.

Random Facts About Jenny: Now, let’s shake things up a bit with some random facts about yours truly:

  1. Drama Degree: I hold a degree in Drama, and believe it or not, it comes in handy more often than you’d think in our classes. Who knew that drama skills would find a home in the world of sensory play?
  2. Fruit Pastilles Connoisseur: My weakness? Fruit Pastilles. I can devour a share bag in about 5 minutes flat. It’s a talent!
  3. Fitness Enthusiast: Unlike many, I’m one of those strange individuals who genuinely enjoys exercise. It not only keeps my mind clear but also serves as a counterbalance to my love for Fruit Pastilles. A necessary evil, I suppose!
  4. Birthday Twins: Fun fact – my daughter Elsie was born on my 30th birthday. Talk about a double celebration and a lifetime of shared birthday cakes!
  5. Monkeying Around: If you’ve ever witnessed a stellar monkey impression, chances are it was me. I take pride in rocking it out during our Jungle Theme week. Because who said sensory play can’t be a bit cheeky and full of laughter?

So, there you have it – a glimpse into the world of Jenny, the passionate mind and creative force behind Mini Magoos Sensory Play. As we gear up for the new term, I’m excited to welcome all the new starters and continue this incredible sensory play journey together. Stay tuned for more adventures, laughter, and of course, the occasional monkey impression! 🐒✨

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