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Summer Sensory Play!

Summer Sensory Play!

Summer is here!

And looks like it is here to stay! Let’s face it, this year summer is playing a blinder so here are a couple of summer based activities to enjoy with your little ones.

1. Water Play

This week during our Mini Magoos Sensory Play sessions we will be exploring some water play with our babies. But at home, there is so many possibilities you can do! Especially when you are outside. But if the paddling pool has passed you by this year, don’t worry! Using a washing up bowl, especially for smaller babies to explore is perfect. It won’t overwhelm them, and the toys can’t escape as far either!

Using toys in the water doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal either. A few plastic cups for pouring and filling back up is great, old plastic bottles heading out to the recycling are great and can develop lots of fine motor skills with different shapes and our favourite wooden spoons fir stirring and splashing are great!

2. Jelly

I was talking to a mum last week about setting plastic models (e.g. dinosaur) into jelly for babies to dig out. This is a great task but for babies under the age of around 10/11 months this task will probably be a little lost on them. But why should they miss out? Just give them the jelly instead! It’s a great texture for them to manipulate and explore. And after setting in the fridge for a couple of hours will be a lovely cooling activity on the hot days! Take a closer look in the supermarket for some sugar free options to use.

3. Ice

Ice is a great object for our babies to ignite a few different senses. Depending on how creative you are (food colouring, different shapes etc) it can look amazing! It can taste amazing and it can feel great and probably very strange to our babies. It’s a great object to start gaining their understanding of hot and cold talking them through these new tactile experiences. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to watch and feel it melt and turn to water! Something so simple to keep your baby amused for ages!

4. Sand

We are lucky living on the peninsula of Wirral that we are surrounded by so many gorgeous beaches. Go for an explore (with plenty of sun cream and hats) and find the perfect spot for your baby to have their first toe wiggle in the sand. This is a great options for our younger babies as lots of the trays and sand tables are designed for toddlers to stand at and this one is also free! But only the bravest can handle it.


5. Wind

Fans are currently your friend. They can also be baby’s too! From folding handheld ones to battery operated and desk fans. Show baby how these different things can feel on their skin, while also helping them cool down. Try the smaller ones on different body parts to enhance baby’s sense of body awareness too!

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