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Sensory DIY

Sensory DIY

This week during our sensory play classes I have been introducing my new and improved splat packs! These are something which I adore, as it gives baby the chance to be introduced to materials you wouldn’t normally want them getting their mitts on but are amazing for visual/tactile stimulation! (e.g glitter)

I also love that they are so relatively cheap to make, and they hold baby’s attention far better than any plastic toy that has been discarded after a couple of uses! It is almost as if baby thinks they shouldn’t be playing with the splat packs, which makes their appeal even more exciting.

But these are just one of the many things that can be introduced to baby with a little patience and imagination. I say patience as many of the things I do have a go at don’t always come out as expected, they have a real ‘nailed it’ quality. But when they do work, its always a good one. You also have the added satisfaction that you made something that is really cherished and stimulating for your little one.

Where do I get ideas from?

To get some of my ideas I follow tons of teaching/sensory blogs and Instagram pages. These are such amazing sources of information that can be adapted to suit your needs in many ways. Here are some of my favourites:

The Imagination

This site contains so many crafty inspired ideas for babies to pre-school! With lots of different themes to suit all year round. You will never be stuck for something to do on a rainy day!

Playful Little Learners –

These guys have an awesome Instagram with so much bright colours on! Its instantly attractive and you will want a huge playroom after seeing the possibilities!

Our Sensory

Again, an amazing Instagram and website packed with ideas to keep boredom at bay! These ones range for up to pre-schoolers so a little cunning and imagination is needed to adapt specifically for babies.

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