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Setting Up A Business – Is It For Me?

Setting up a business – Is it for me?

This is a question I get asked a lot! I set up Mini Magoos Sensory Play back in 2017. I still remember very clearly our first anniversary – reaching that first year for a start up business is a huge milestone, one that many start-ups never see.

We are now heading towards the seven-year milestone which in the eyes of business-type people (still not classing myself here!) my little brainchild be classed as a fully established small business. In other words, it takes a LONG time! But, my word, does that time go fast!

Back in 2017, I was naïve to the number of hats I would have to wear as a small business owner – and on many occasions I’ve had that wobble, thinking I was out of my depth. I’ve thrown myself in at the deep end to become creator, accountant, cleaner, social media manager, administrator, to name but a few!

This world of self-employment is something I now relish. It’s a strange feeling but it never fails to challenge and make me grow both professionally and as a person. Its been perfect for my family life – without it, I don’t know how we would ever navigate school drop offs and holidays (my utmost respect to working families during the summer period!) But its also allowed me to have more time with my little girl at home and work flexibly around our family life.

But to all those mummies or daddies who are wishing to take the plunge – it has been the BEST decision I have ever made!

“I stepped away from the comfort of ‘gainful employment’ to work for the only team that really matters – my family” 

Take a look at the opportunities that Mini Magoos Sensory Play can offer with its franchise package over on the franchise tab!

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